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Can the BlackBox HD-C601 plus get BPL, standard and all other HD channels?
Yes, it is a Set-Top Box that supports Nagra-3 TV broadcasts, thus its able to watch all the said channels within St*rH*b. It also will require an annual subscription-based fee to keep operating after the initial first year of ownership.

How can i be confined that the box can receive Starhub channels after they upgraded to Nagra 3 ?

Why the box need Internet to work?
In Starhub Nagra 3 encryption system, the keys change every 30s, and keys are different from each channels,so now all channels require a server to synchronize the keys from Starhub. Thus,the box need to connect to the server via Internet. With the key,each channels can watch like before as Nagra 2 time.

Should I pay subscription fee?
Building and maintaining a server should cost a great amount of money. So it’s reasonable to charge some acceptable fee. However, this fee could be reduced in future.

Is it a Internet streaming tv box?
The box should work with Sbtarhub TV cable, and Internet connection is needed to get the decrypted code from the server,most of data is still passing through Starhub cable. Normally it has little to do with your broadband speed, 4MB is enough.But we recommend you to pause your download and upload work on your PC in order to provide the box a smooth network so as to work well.

How do I install/set up the box?
Connect the box to St*rH*b SCV cable point and Internet (LAN cable or WIFI dongle), no need to auto search, as all channels are pre-configured and built-in, just press "OK" to see the channels list after power on.

What if there were missing local channels, or new channels recently launched by St*rH*b?
If some channels are missing or newly launched, go by MENU-Installation-Quick Search (scan model select "By Frequency"), input the frequency of those channels and click on "search". One may need to have the password to access into the Installation menu, as well as knowledge of the correct scan frequencies. Please consult the vendor.

Does the Box has Timer Recording functions?
Yes. There is an EPG program function that will allow you to conduct the timer record for any program you like, by going by MENU-Preference-Timer Settings, and change the timer service to "Record". Point to note, that one will certainly require to add in an external compatible Hard Disk storage drive via the USB slot. 

Can it be detected by St*rH*b?
Based on our past 5 years of using our DreamBoxes, despite the months of St*rH*b attempting to scan the existence of these boxes, there were no recorded events of such instances of customers/users being found out, especially when it comes to apartment blocks, condos, HDB blocks, etc. It is but just a digital receiver, with no transmission of any data whatsoever, back to St*rH*b.

Does it come with free shipping? How long will it take to deliver?
YES...we ship it free various different couriers where we see fit, with tracking number, and taking 4-5 working days to arrive after your order is placed. Should there be any delays, it would normally be attributed to the short supply or production of stocks from the factory. 

Is it safe to pass through the customs in Singapore? Any tax charged?
No customs problem at all. We declare it as a media player gift with low value within the value of USD20-50, so you will not need to pay any tax. At the same token, do remember that we practice shipping the parcel DIRECT to you from China, and coupled with the fact that since you did not pay to the shipping vendor directly, there is NO connecting paper trail to show that your intended purchase for this product at all, and your customer personal details DO NOT exist in the relevant servers in Singapore or China, and your recorded purchases are in no where connected to this shipping vendor in China at all! This fully protects the interests and privacy of our customers as well as us, your vendors.

How do I know if there is new software to update? How often will be that?
When St*rH*b add changes to the channel list, the factory will issue an upgrade to the software, which might be in the region of 6-8 months for a minor upgrades. We will publish procedures and guide on our website and forums.

Can I get support for the box?  Any warranty for the box?
Yes, we can provide technical advisory support for our products. You can contact us via online email or chat. We provide ONE year warranty for our proudcts.

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