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How to setup BlackBox 700HDC Qbox 4000 C600 C601 C608 C808 plus?


Step 1. Verify box is connected to Starhub cable point on the wall.

 Mak sure your box is connected to Starhub cable point for Signal. Test if you can watch Free to air channels CH 5 and 8.

Step 2. Verify box is connected to Internet.

Make sure the box is connected to Internet via LAN cable or WIFI dongle(setup wifi via MENU-Internet-WIFI manager). Test via MENU-Internet-Rss Reader,success to download mean connected, if not, you need to setup network for Internet.

Step 3. If step 2 fails, you may need to setup network for the box.

Go to MENU-Internet-Network Local setting, disable and enable the DHCP to get a valid IP address.  If fail to get valid IP address with DHCP, you may need to reboot your router and box then try again. If DHCP does' work, please disable DHCP, fill a valid IP address for the box. (for example your router/gateway IP address[find it in your PC/mobile phone(connected WIFI) network setting] is, fill for the box, and Subnet Mask is, Gateway, DNS Preferred ,DNS Alternate are all the same as your router IP address.

Step 4. Verify Icam is login.

If step 2 passes, you can reboot the box and wait 2 minutes, normally Icam will auto login after "get DHCP IP successfully" message. If no "Icam login successfully message" in 2 mins after boot up completes, you may need to login icam manually as below.

Go to MENU-Tools-X-function, press red button the setup Icam, check if it is login already(show logout button), if not, press the login button. If fail, reboot your router, then reboot the box, and try again.

Step 5. Go to channel list and select channel to watch TV.Enjoy~

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