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How to setup V9 pro V8 golden & V8 angel?

V8 User Manual 

一. V8 Golden

1. Starhub cable connection for 2 types of V8 tuners. Connect from cable point on the wall to RF IN port on the box. 【for 2 tuners type, need connect silver color F connector which comes with the box】


2. Setup Internet connection for the box. Can choose LAN cable or WIFI connection, just one of both,don't connect both ways at the same time.

    Go to Menu >>Network>>Network Config

    1)  LAN cable: connect LAN cable from router (NOT Modem) to the box Ethernet port.

         Under Network Config, click on "Active" under LAN, and then enter "Setup", set Config Mode to DHCP, and click "Connect", once success, Network Status will turn to "Connect" in green color.


  2) WIFI: Plug in USB WIFI Adapter(come with the box),  click on "Active" under WIFI, then enter WIFI Manager, select wifi and key in your wifi password, and press red button on remote to connect.


3. When the network is working properly, it will pop up new userdb update if have update. 

      "Detected new user db, Are you update?" >> Yes

      "Are you sure to burn flash?" >> Yes



4. Wait for the machine to automatically restart, get the perfect service data.

5. After boot up, can watch TV directly, press down and up arrow on remote control to change channels, or OK button on remote to show channel list, and select channel to watch.

All done for V8 golden setup!


二. V8 Angel

1. Starhub cable connection. Connect silver color F connector which come with the box to RF IN port on      the box, and connect Starhub cable from cable point on the wall to F connector.


2. Go to MENU/Setting/Network, tick on WIFI option, select your wifi and input password, then click on "Connect Now".


3. After connect to Internet, the box will auto download channels from our server, go to MENU/Cable, press OK button to show channel list, and select channel to watch.


All done for V8 Angel setup!

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