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What is the difference between V9 Pro and V8 Golden?

Posted on 19th Oct 2017 @ 12:44 PM


V9 Pro is another name of V8 Golden, same design, same hardware, same software, same remote, same wifi adapter, same power adapter, and same price, all completely the same except the logo.

Why we make 2 products since they are the same?

V8 can be used for other countries, while we install the customized software(with our server) on V8, it can watch all Starhub channels, to make box different from other countries', we decided to give it a new name(V9 pro).

So it is V9 Pro = V8 Golden + customized software


Learn more on Freesat offical forum:http://www.freesat.cn/forum/, you will find V9 Pro not exists, V9 Pro is our customized product based on V8 Golden. 

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