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How to watch World Cup 2018 on Freesat V8 Golden V9 Pro C1 Streambox Blackbox C801 plus

Posted on 9th Jun 2018 @ 11:17 AM

Dear All, 

All our boxes are ready for FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup(CH222,223), below are the methods to get this 2 channels on your box:


1. Freesat V8 Golden, V9 Pro

     Power off and on the box, and update new user db. If never pop up, please factory reset{Menu button on remote->Tools->Factory Setting, reset password is 0000}, and setup box network again, then it will pop up new user db(include all channels), click yes->select User DB -> start-> yes to burn. After restart, find world cup on CH 222, 223.




2. V9 Pro MINI, C1/C1 streambox, C801 plus, IP-9999,A8 plus, blackbox C600, C600 II mini, SK0708, Amiko, Freesat V7

        For all above models, just auto scan/search under Installation to update channels, and find world cup on CH 222, 223.


3. V8 GTT, V8 Angel, Zgemma Star LC, V9 Super

        These models channels are auto synchronized with our server, engineer pushs update at server backend, you don't need to do anything to the box.

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