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[Blackbox HD-C600/601/608/808 plus] Most of normal chanels are updated today

Posted on 30th Aug 2014 @ 11:35 PM

Today update many channels on the server.


125,127,128,129,130,132 working, 126,131,134,157,163,164 not working

235,238 working, 236,237 not working

Only 311is working in 300+ channels

401,433,435,441,455,456,457,458,459,461,463,464,468,473,475 working rest in 400+ not working

525,555,556,557,558,559,560,561,562,563,569,580 working

605,625,655,658,662,663 working in 600+ channels,608,609 not working

700+ only two channels working that is 702 and 703 rest all not working


851,855,856,858,859,866,867,868,869,874,875,876,877,888 working

923,924,1058,1059 working

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